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Minggu, 19 Agustus 2007

Amazing Hawk The Javan Hawk-eagle

Original Name :

Spizaetus nipalensis bartelsi Stresemann, 1924

Subspecies in Indonesia :


English Name :

Javan Hawk-eagle

Indonesian Name :

Elang Jawa

Medium sized eagle (adults 60-70 cm) Sexes similar but female ON AVERAGE larger in size. Adult: Dark-brown upperparts, head chestnut-brown, nape yellow-brown. Dark brown to black feathered crown with thin buf margins, prominent white-tipped black crest. Tail dark brown with four black bands, terminating in a thin white band. Underparts whitish to pale rusty-white, white throat emphasized by dark brown to black moustachial and mesial stripes. Breast marked with bold blackish drops and traces of rufous bars, belly and legs barred dark brown. Tail buffy grey with four grey brown bands and a white margin. Tarsus white-feathered with feathers covering the base of the feet. Iris yellow, dark grey to black bill with grey cere, feet yellow. Juvenile/Sub-adult: Upperparts lighter than in adult. The crest, coloured as in adult, shorter but visible. Underparts, head and crown cinnamon-brown, breast and underwings gradually turning white when tail bands and body stripes have fully developed. Lacks the moustachial, mesial and underpart marking and (except for the terminal) tails-bands which gradually develop the following years. Striping appears first near the legs and flanka. Iris bluish-grey gradually turning yellow in second-year birds.


CITES - Appendix II
IUCN – Endangered

Protected by Indonesian Law as Accipiteridae
* SK Mentan No. 421/Kpts/Um/8/1970
* UU No. 5 tahun 1990
* SK Menteri Kehutanan No.301/Kpts-II/1991
* Keppres No. 4 tahun 1993
* PP No. 7 tahun 1999

Lowland and montane tropical rainforest REMARKS Endemic. Since declared as Indonesia’s national bird, the demand of the bird as a status symbol has been subsequently increased in the last decade.
Scientific Classification
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class : Aves
Order : Falconiformes
Family : Accipitridae
Genus : Spizaetus
Species : S. bartelsi Binomial Name : Spizaetus bartelsi Stresemann, 1924

Typical hawk-eagle with prominent crest.
Distinguished from adult crested subspecies of Javan Crested Hawk-eagle Pernis ptilorhyncus ptilorhyncus by larger size (60-70 cm versus 50 cm) and the much more prominent crest of S.bartelsi , and the characteristic long narrow head of P. ptilorhyncus. Juvenile plumages of S. bartelsi and P. ptilorhyncus show a confusing resemblance but the latter differs by its short unfeathered tarsus, and long narrow head with weak bill and yellow cere. Other possibly confusing eagles are Changeable Hawk-eagle Spizaetus cirrhatus (larger, just vestigial crest), Rufous-bellied Hawk-eagle Hieraaetus kienerii (smaller, shorter crest, whiter below, dark mask), Aviceda jerdoni (smaller, whiter underparts, bare legs),Wallace’s Hawk-eagle Spizaetus nanus (smaller, tail with three black bands), Sulawesi Hawk-eagle Spizaetus lancoelatus (crestless), Booted Eagle Hieraaetus pennatus (smaller, crestless), See also the description of these species in this guide

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